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Six Greek sculptors (1915) (14597008509)


Six Greek sculptors (1915) (14597008509)



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Title: Six Greek sculptors
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: Gardner, Ernest Arthur, 1862-1939
Subjects: Sculptors Sculpture, Greek
Publisher: London : Duckworth and Co. New York : C. Scribner's Sons
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
HEAD OF ALEXANDER: DETAIL FROM HAMDY-BEY AND REINACH, op. err., pl. xxxiii Between j>p. 228 rcwd 229 Plate LXXII
Text Appearing After Image:
HEAD OF PERSIAN ; DETAIL FROM HAMDY-BEY AND RETNACH, OP. LIT. Pl. XXXII To face p. 229 LYSIPPUS 229 the faces that is remarkable, and it is greatly increasedby the fortunate circumstance that the original colour-ing is, in many cases, well preserved. We see the effectof this addition of colour in the head of a Persian^which, as well as the head of Alexander himself, is re-produced here on a larger scale. The contrast betweenthe two is notable—on the one hand, the impetuousMacedonian, with his solid and powerful build and ir-resistible force of intellect; on the other, the sensitiveand delicately made Oriental, with his refined featuresand expressively dark eyes. There is even a beginningof cosmopolitan feeling in the sympathetic rendering ofthe contrasted national types, even though the themebe the triumph of Hellene over barbarian. The inten-sity of the expression in each case is yet another exampleto refute the current notion that Greek art cannotexpress character and individualit

Ernest Arthur Gardner (1862–1939) was a British classicist and archaeologist; he was born in London 16 March 1862, son of Thomas G., stockbroker, and Ann Pearse; educated at the City of London School, and afterwards entered Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. He was appointed Director of the British School of Archaeology, Athens, 1887-95. He assisted Petrie in the excavation of the city of Naucratis 1885-6, helping then and later to establish important connections between Saite Egypt and Greece, and contributing the chapter on the inscriptions to the report. He was of great help to Petrie in his work of cross-dating Egyptian and Aegean objects; he also contributed to Art of Egypt through the Ages, 1931; he died in Maidenhead, 27 Nov. 1939.





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six greek sculptors 1915
six greek sculptors 1915