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Sir Philip Burne-Jones, 2nd Bt by Henry Herschel Hay Cameron


Sir Philip Burne-Jones, 2nd Bt by Henry Herschel Hay Cameron



Photograph of Philip Burne-Jones by Henry Herschel Hay Cameron

Henry Herschel Hay Cameron was the son of the famous photographer Julia Margaret Cameron and Charles Hay Cameron, a lawyer and philosopher. Henry grew up surrounded by art and photography and soon developed a passion for the medium. Henry Herschel Hay Cameron began his career as a photographer in the 1870s, working alongside his mother. He learnt the techniques of wet-plate photography and became an expert in the field. His work was heavily influenced by his mother's style, which was characterised by soft focus and dramatic lighting. Henry Herschel Hay Cameron's photographs were often portraits of family members and friends. He also photographed landscapes, still lifes and genre scenes. His work was shown in several exhibitions, including the Royal Photographic Society and the Salon de Paris. Henry Herschel Hay Cameron died in 1911 at the age of 59. His legacy lives on through his photographs, which are still admired for their beauty and technical skill.



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