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Sinaihalbinsel Ostseite: Wâdi Ṭâba. 1914.

Sinaihalbinsel Ostseite: Wâdi Ṭâba. 1914.



Plate 86 in portfolio: Bilder aus Palästina. Nord-Arabien und dem Sinai. Berlin : Dietrich Riemer, 1916.
Letterpress caption in German.
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Photograph taken from the outlet of Wadi Taba (alluvial plain) into the Gulf of Aqaba, looking northwest and showing the mainstream of Wadi Taba and southwestern slopes of Gebel Deneb El 'Eir in centre-right and the palm trees & the water well of Bir Taba to north of the downstream area on the coast in the foreground in the centre (to the south of the international boundary line & later border crossing point). (Source: A. Shams, Sinai Peninsula Research, 2018)
Tarabien (16th century CE) and Lihywat (17th century CE) tribes inhabit the vicinity of Wadi Taba. A standoff between the British, who effectively controlled Egypt from 1882 CE onward, and the Ottoman Empire since the first crisis in 1892 CE, ended with Taba border crisis in 1906 CE and created the eastern border of the Sinai. Taba was (and still) the east most Egyptian desert frontier outpost in Sinai (where the frontier outposts extended in Hijaz on the east coast of the Gulf of Aqaba before 1892 CE) to the south of the international boundary line between Sinai Peninsula (Egypt under the British Mandate) and the Negev Desert (Palestine under the Ottoman Empire), in addition to the frontier outpost in Nuweiba' to the south on the west coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. The first asphalt road along the Gulf of Aqaba was constructed by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in 1971 CE during the Sinai occupation between 1967 and 1982 CE, to connect Eilat at the head of the gulf with Sharm El Sheikh on its southern tip on the Strait of Tiran through Dahab, Nuweiba' and Taba. The control of Egypt over Taba was re-consolidated post the 'Treaty of Peace between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel' on March 26, 1979 CE and as a result of the 'Taba Arbitration' by the International Court of Justice on September 29, 1988 CE and the 'Egypt-Israel Taba Agreement' on February 27, 1989 CE. (Source: A. Shams, Sinai Peninsula Research, 2018)





Moritz, B. (Bernhard), 1859-1939.


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