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Sebastiano Conca - Allegory of Autumn - Walters 371792

Sebastiano Conca - Allegory of Autumn - Walters 371792



Conca represents the different character of the four seasons through one of the most favored artistic motifs of the 18th century, the "putto" (embodying the spirit of a little child). The playful, tender, and fleshy figures convey a light mood. As allegorical personifications here, they act out seasons through typical activities. Seated at the fire of a brazier, Winter wraps himself up against the cold (Walters 37.1791); Spring holds a wreath of flowers (Walters 37.1724); Summer shades his head with a leaf against the heat while cooling his foot in a stream (Walters 37.1744); and Autumn, like a little Bacchus (the ancient god of wine), holds grapes, representing the harvest. The charming series was surely intended to decorate a small room, perhaps a dressing room.



1700 - 1799


Walters Art Museum

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