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Saraswati south Indian

Saraswati south Indian



"The goddess Sarasvati.
She is set off by an orange background and sits on a throne resting her shoulders on a bolster. In her upper right hand she carries a mala, in her upper left hand and lower right hand she holds the vina, and in her lower left hand she has a book. Of white complexion she is dressed in a white sari a red blouse and wears all the usual ornaments. To her right, resting the vina on his shoulder is the divine musician, Narada, clad in a tiger skin with his matted tresses partly gathered at the top of his head and partly flowing loose on his shoulders. Opposite Narada, to the left of Sarasvati is the other divine musician, the horse-headed Tumburu. Dressed in dhoti and angavastra, he rests the tamboura on his shoulder."





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