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Sandro Botticelli - Three Graces in Primavera (detail)


Sandro Botticelli - Three Graces in Primavera (detail)



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Sandro Botticelli (1445–1510) was an Italian painter of the early Renaissance. He was born in Florence, Italy and trained under Fra Filippo Lippi. Botticelli's most famous works include The Birth of Venus and Primavera, both of which depict mythological scenes. He was known for his use of bright colours and delicate lines, as well as his attention to detail and symbolism. In addition to his mythological paintings, Botticelli also painted religious works such as The Adoration of the Magi and The Mystical Nativity. Despite his success during his lifetime, Botticelli's reputation declined after his death, and it was not until the 19th century that his work was rediscovered and celebrated by art historians.



1485 - 1487


Sandro Botticelli, 1485-1487

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