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Sacred allegories (1859) (14596942588)


Sacred allegories (1859) (14596942588)



Identifier: sacredallegories00adam_0 (find matches)
Title: Sacred allegories
Year: 1859 (1850s)
Authors: Adams, William, 1814-1848
Subjects: Bible Allegories Ethics in the Bible Christian life Christian ethics
Publisher: London : Rivingtons
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
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him hehad much better have given it at once, as he had no chance ofseeing it again. His own mind, however, was perfectly at rest aboutit, and he assured me that it was only lent, and would undoubtedlybe restored, if not sooner, at least when he went home. Of course,sir, when he touched upon his home, I did not venture to presshim farther. But this was another of his delusions, which, thoughcomparatively harmless while he was staying here, must of itselfhave entirely unfitted him for the management of his own affairs. * Acts xx. 35. 188 THE OLD MANS HOME. He would lend all that he had to his brother paupers, and, thoughno one ever thought of repaying him, was just as happy as if thethings remained in his own possession. And another passage of Holy Scripture rose to my remembrance, He that hath pity on the poor, lendeth unto the Lord: andlook, what he layeth out it shall be paid him again. And I didnot wonder that, with so sure a promise, the mind of poor Robinshould have been at rest.
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CHAPTER IV. EVER THE RICHEST, TENDEREST GLOW SETS ROUND TH AUTUMNAL SUN :BUT THERE SIGHT FALLS; NO HEART MAY KNOW THE BLISS WHEN LIFE IS BONE. Christian Year. I HAVE reserved for a separate chapter that part of my conver-sation within the walls of the Asylum, which led to a descriptionof the closing scene of the old mans life. I was still reluctantto admit his insanity, for it seemed to me that he had only so fullyrealized the presence of the unseen world, as to have forgottenaltogether the things of sight in the things of faith. I inquired,therefore, of my companion, whether any more decided symptoms 190 THE OLD MANS HOME. of madness had ever exhibited themselves than those which hehad already mentioned. He appeared surprised at the question,hut replied, that, though the old man was always more or lessunder the influence of the disorder, there undoubtedly were certainperiodic returns of it, and that these uniformly occurred at thecommencement of spring. And did these, I asked, render





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