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Russian in WWI Pt2/3 220505-02X | Footage Farm



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Soldiers digging trench / cave in rocks w/ picks & shovels; pick up rifles, ammunition cases & behind artillery on ridge.
11:18:57 Men in ditch w/ debris below hillside; view down hills of wrecked military equipment. Large concrete building & wreckage. Pan railroad flat-car, locomotive wreckage & train of equipment.
11:20:08 Large General (?) addressing officers. Car arrives w/ General & saluting.
11:21:13 Tsar arrives by car w/ other military officers. Leaving w/ large General.
11:21:29 Mlitary band on horseback in summer riding ahead of troops thru village.
11:21:58 Town w/ troops riding in sunshine past store w/ sign Emil Gutierz. Pan over crowds watching on cobblestone street, women in ethnic costumes & sign behind: A La Ville De Paris. Cars arrive w/ Tsar; reviewing troops or police. Shakes hands. Kisses nurse & talks w/ another woman.
11:23:49 Crowds in Red Square- recruits (?) march thru, crowds follow.
11:25:08 Russian soldiers digging a trench, pick up rifles. LS of encampment w/ rifles stacked, smoking fires. 11:25:43 Wounded or resting lie under trees.
11:26:33 Nurses beside large railroad carriages / cars; soldiers boarding troop train / hospital train, interiors w/ casualties bandaged, doctors / surgeons & nurses. Wounded transferred to from freight cars to hospital train. Nurses help man out of farm cart onto stretcher, soldier carrying man piggy-back. Sleighs past & arriving at station.
11:28:25 Interior hospital pan over wounded in beds & doctors; nurse reading to men. Men w/ artificial limbs inspected by doctors & civilians (Soviet era ca 1920 or 1930s).
11:29:48 Soldiers play croquet near cemetary, hospital (?) train on siding; nurses join in game.
11:30:12 Observation balloon lowered w/ men in basket.
11:30:22 Soldiers running thru snowy forest, into snow cave; run out & cave explodes. Grenades thrown into over snowy forested river bank - explosion. Troops run up w/ rifles, fire & throw grenades.
11:31:52 Officers discuss over map, flag above. Officers inside ?? w/ markers & papers.
11:32:18 Troops march thru snow. Pan over snowy landscape & fortiification. Soldiers march up to ridge & thru trench. Officer w/ binoculars, one on tripod - artillery adjusted & fired; troops up snow covered hillside. 11:35:18 Destroyed large buildings w/ only foundations remaining. People around rubble in bomb damaged mountain town, minaret standing. Large number of artillery wagons in fort.
WW1; Winter; Mountain Fighting; 1910s;



1914 - 1918


Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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