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Russian in WWI Pt1/3  220505-01X | Footage Farm

Russian in WWI Pt1/3 220505-01X | Footage Farm



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Troops leave, march down road.
11:00:14 Troops by artillery emplacements & in trenches, MCU drinking tea; soldier using periscope, soldier using field telephone. Cannons / gun firing.
11:01:44 Cossack dancing by troops in street (scratched); celebrations.
11:02:22 Soldiers in foggy conditions, some on horseback near tall cross, stones & grave.
11:03:08 Wounded carried from railway car - into carriages & trams / trolleys.
11:03:57 Civilians digging trenches, including women. Refugees w/ belongings in wagons along muddy path.
11:05:08 Graves / Funerals - mourning.
11:05:54 Pan over troops across snow-covered fields; explosion. Firing from behind berm; men stading by frozen river & several fall, shot; placed on stretchers (staged?). Troops advance across snowy field or ice. Dead soldiers by flag on ice, some picked up (staged).
11:08:05 Balloon rising & aerial views from balloon basket.
11:08:37 Troops w/ horses in the snow; preparations for battle; riders w/ flag lead.
11:09:50 Religious service w/ priests & flags. Pan soldiers dug in along snowy riverbank.
11:10:10 Military vehicles along road. Soldiers looking at map in snowstorm - into large military armored truck & leave down icy road, explosions nearby. Troops in trenches in blizzard. Cossacks riding in snow. 11:13:24 Troops advance out of trench.
11:14:07 Prisoners of War marched under guard. Wounded on sleds loaded into ambulance trucks. Officer) reviewing troops.
11:15:09 Parcels handed out to soldiers hurrying past; standing holding bundles.
11:15:51 Troops on horses, w/ loaded wagons & on foot thru mud & snow; across wooden bridge over icy flowing stream.
11:17:12 Soldier delivers note into HQ in reeds; leaves. Officer looks thru binoculars. Marching troops past & out of camp.
WW1; Horrors of War; Russian Front; 1910s;



1914 - 1918


Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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