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Russia in WWI Pt3/3 220505-03X | Footage Farm



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Continued from 220504.
11:36:16 High angle ammunition factory interior in large concrete building - MCUs women workers at machines & assembling parts.
11:37:50 Peasants women & camels for agriculture / farming - traditional costume. Pulling reapers, bundling sheaves & scything / cutting hay. Stacking bundles.
11:38:45 Boy, Tsarevich Alexei, rides up in army uniform & salutes officers, dismounts & gives them note. Standing in MCU saluting. CU.
11:39:17 Military armored trucks parked by side of road, motorcycle w/ sidecar arrives. Officers discuss & move out.
11:39:55 Large damaged fort w/ grafitti on wall. Pan over town w/ soldiers on wall. (note tape damage).
11:40:24 Religious processions thru city w/ soldiers & priests & banners. Military w/ hats off following; Tsar & son Alexei & others walk past in MCU.
11:41:22 Pan across soldiers relaxing around fire; MCU play game w/ dice. Soldiers run down snowy street towards people walking towards them, they begin to run away.
11:42:34 Demonstrations in Tverskaya? Moscow - parade with banners.
11:43:03 POV from balloon of landing on snowy field.
11:43:20 Troops deflate balloon (no snow).
11:43:31 Priests in procession along cobblestone street w/ troops at attention being blessed as priests pass in Red Square. MCU showing young men & women soldiers (maybe unit of women). Military walking w/ flag thru square.
11:44:03 Civilian & others presenting plaque to cadets; officer w/ arm in sling speaking (MOS); w/ flag on pole over bowed heads of cadets. Kneeling cadet kissed on top of head.
11:44:50 MCU of Bolshevik troops under banner. Soldiers & officer w/ still camera posing & joking.
11:45:36 German officers in spike hats at train station in winter; greet Russian civilian & military men getting off railroad car, hand shaking & saluting. Possibly Rosa Luxemburg (?) in white hat w/ Karl Liebknecht.
11:46:31 Soviet / Russian troops in woods posing. Montage of faces in slow motion including officers. CU man in cap in snow. Soldiers posing, laughing. Trotsky (?) by river.
11:47:23 MCU Lenin standing, smiling - freeze frame giving thumbs up.
WW1; Russian History;



1914 - 1918

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Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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