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Runes on medieval gateposts at Sigrajvs, Vamlingbo, Gotland, Sweden (30267565972)


Runes on medieval gateposts at Sigrajvs, Vamlingbo, Gotland, Sweden (30267565972)



Inscriptions on medieval gateposts at Sigrajvs in Vamlingbo on the island of Gotland. The runic inscription on the left gatepost says: "Olav of Suders(?) made us". In the middle stands the linguist and runologist Otto von Friesen, writing a review protocol.
Ristningar på medeltida grindstolpar vid Sigrajvs i Vamlingbo. Runinskriften på vänstra grindstolpen säger: "Olav söder(?) gjorde oss". I mitten står lingvisten och runologen Otto von Friesen, som skriver granskningsprotokoll.
Parish (socken): Vamlingbo
Province (landskap): Gotland
Municipality (kommun): Gotland
County (län): Gotland
Photograph by: J.W. Hamner
Date: 1923
Format: Glass plate negative
: http://id=16001000540483

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More than four hundred picture stones are known today. All of the stones were probably erected as memorial stones, but only rarely beside graves. Some of them have been positioned where many people could see them at bridges and on roads. They mainly differ from runestones by presenting the message in pictures rather than runes. Some picture stones also have runic inscriptions, but they tell little more than to whom the stone was dedicated. Lacking textual explanations, the image stones are consequently difficult to interpret. Similar stones in Scotland are known as Pictish stones.





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