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Royal Review of the Troops - Public domain image related to music prformance, drawing


Royal Review of the Troops - Public domain image related to music prformance, drawing



Public domain image, 17th-18th century drawing, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Born in Paris into a family of artists, he was trained by his father, Jacques-Philippe de Saint-Aubin, a painter and engraver. Gabriel de Saint-Aubin was known for his skill as a draughtsman and his ability to capture the everyday life of Parisian society in his works. He began his career as an engraver, making illustrations for books and prints. He then turned to drawing and painting, creating scenes of everyday life in Paris, such as street vendors, musicians and dancers. His work was characterised by lively and fluid lines that captured the movement and energy of his subjects. Saint-Aubin was also known for his caricatures, which poked fun at the social and political issues of his day. His satirical drawings often featured well-known figures of the day, such as King Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour. In addition to his drawings and paintings, Saint-Aubin was also an accomplished etcher, producing prints that are highly sought after by collectors. His etchings were known for their delicate lines and intricate detail, which added depth and texture to his works. Despite his success as an artist, Saint-Aubin struggled financially throughout his life. He died in poverty in 1780, but his legacy lives on through his vibrant and expressive works, which continue to inspire and delight art lovers today.





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