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ROM 1974 MiNr3220 pm B002



Stamp of Romania; 1974; commemorative stamp of the issue "Archaeological Findings in Romania"; stamp motive with a Roman bust from the 1st Century AD showing the Egypt goddess "Isis"; stamp postmarked
As Old-Egypt hieroglyph means "is" = "holy", "Isis" = doubling of "is" and personalised as deity was it one of the main gods after the Rich unification (unification of Upper and Lower Egypt); originally was it a male god, but later genderless, and later as female goddess the mother of the "Horus"-child (= equivalent to the "Virgin "Mary" in the Christianity); With Egypt hieroglyphs was "Christus" written as "H(R)-IS-T-US" in the time of the Ptolemies dynasty and means "Horus-Isis-Toth" + Greek male suffix "-us" and is living on as Christian trinity "Father-Son-Holy Ghost" ("Toth" as mythic ruler of Upper Egypt was the father of the Horus-child.).
Stamp: Michel: No. 3230; Yvert & Tellier: No. 2869; Scott: No. 2519
Color: multicolored with gold (red background)
Watermark: none
Nominal value: 20 B (Bani)
Postage validity: from 20 October 1974 until ?

Stamp picture size (printed area of a single stamp without signature line): 37.0 x 49.5 mm





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