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Ritratto di Carlo Emanuele Teodoro Trivulzio

Ritratto di Carlo Emanuele Teodoro Trivulzio



Italiano: ritratto di Carlo Emanuele Teodoro Trivulzio

Public domain photograph of 16th-century painting, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Giulio Cesare Procaccini was an Italian painter and sculptor of the late Renaissance. He was born in Bologna in 1574 and is known for his religious and mythological works, as well as his portraits. Procaccini belonged to the Lombard school of painting and was influenced by the work of Caravaggio. He was a prolific artist, producing numerous altarpieces and frescoes for churches in Italy, as well as portraits and secular works. His style is characterised by a dramatic use of light and shadow and emotional intensity. Procaccini's work had a significant impact on the development of Baroque art in Italy and he is considered one of the leading figures of the early Baroque period. He died in Milan in 1625, leaving a legacy of powerful and expressive paintings and sculptures.





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