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Rick Prelinger  - Land Relations and Land Commons

Rick Prelinger - Land Relations and Land Commons



November 16th, Wednesday: Land Relations and Land Commons

“Land relations: Conflict, subsistence, extraction, compromise and utopia of our domesticated nature.” Rick Prelinger, Kim Stringfellow, Eric Holt-Gímenez 5pm- 9pm

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Pavilion, 1607 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM

This evening’s session will fuse culture and politics, challenging us to squint through the translucent curtains of our shared landscape, to the relations and systems both political and cultural– which shape it. Eric Holt Gimenez situates the struggle for local control of land in the broader movement for justice. Rick Prelinger, famed archivist of subaltern histories traces sentiments and aspirations within “ the family farm”, through collected and curated home-videos. Kim Stringfellow traces the lineage and relics of utopian land experiments and boom-towns in the Mojave. Join for an engaging evening of landscape interpretation and food politics as artists, archivists, activists reflect on the circumstance and agencies of landcare.

Eric Holt Gimenez, a speaker at the first OUR LAND Symposium in Berkeley will lay out “ the land issue” in a social context, in an evening he shares with Rick Prelinger and Kim Stringfellow– both longtime landscape interpreters. Rick will present a new work called “Farms Lost and Found” an edited presentation of farmer and rancher-shot homevideoes. Kim Stringfellow, cultural geographer, will present her Guggenheim Award funded work on the Mojave Project, reflecting on how desert landscapes serve as sentinals for the consequences of our stewardships choices. I first learned about Kim’s work through her pod-cast “ toxic tour” of the route 5 corridor called “ Invisible 5”.

$10 at the door, RSVP requested: [email protected]

Remix of Water Across the Southwest: UNM Land Arts of the American West Program students, faculty, alumni, and visiting artists

El Museo across the tracks from the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Pavilion, 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, NM

Land Arts of the American West program will host a Re/Mix of video and digital media as large outdoor projections before the evening session. Works presented will explore bioregional issues around Water, Land Use, and Foodshed. These were inspired by embodied and imaginative stories learned from Our Lands.






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