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Review of reviews and world's work (1890) (14784731535)


Review of reviews and world's work (1890) (14784731535)



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Title: Review of reviews and world's work
Year: 1890 (1890s)
Publisher: New York Review of Reviews Corp
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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tion ofAmerican troops. The one great outstanding factCo^re^llin S that while the countr>- was resounding with the movementof State forces—because of local interestin the home troops of ever> community—the Pershing expedition was being rapidly,though silently, withdrawn from Mexico.We were removing the cause of all thetrouble! Within a month after the ordercalling out the National Guard, the move-ment of withdrawal from Mexico had beenso definitely set on foot, and had proceededso far, that the Mexicans had ceased to com-plain, because they had gained their point.Officials at Washington allowed the news-papers to say that the objects of the Persh-ing expedition having been accomplished, ourtioops would probably be all on the northernside of the boundar>- line by the middle ofAugust or thereabouts. We were told thatGeneral Trex ino and his trotips were co-operating admirably in helping to pacify thecountr)-, and that evcrjthing was delightful THE PROGRESS OF THE JFORLD 133
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i rr.s k Ewiii,; MR. BAK£K. IHE SECRETARY OF WAR. RETURNING FROM A WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON THE MEXICANMILITARY SITUATION AND SURROUNDED BY WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENTSfMr. Baker is the central figfure. The newspaper men are intelligent, experienced, and fully trusted by highofficials. They are recognized at Washington as a part of the government of a country which is supposed to beruled bjr public opinion) —the crisis fully passed, all phases of theMexican problem in the course of happyadjustment! Never in all human history,probably, has the making and unmaking offoreign crises proceeded with such facilityas during recent times at Washington. Cer-tainly the disorder in northern Mexico has would have been no possible reason forcalling out the National Guard. The coun-try, however, will be profoundly grateful forour miraculous escape from a war which theworld at large thought we were forcing uponMexico. Thus the Administration will al-most certainly have the rewards that peace- given





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