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R.D. Bud Cornish, about 1940-1945

R.D. Bud Cornish, about 1940-1945



Photographer: J. Gordon Henderson ( ) ..Description: .Black and white medium close up portrait of a man in an RCAF uniform. He is wearing a double-wing 12 EFTS badge on his jacket. The negative (labelled a) was accompanied by one black and white print (labelled b). This image is on the left-hand side of a sheet of film containing two separate exposures...Object ID : A992.0003.385..View this item in the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol's collections database. ( ) ..Order a higher-quality version of this item (fee applies). ( )

During World War II, Goderich Airport hosted No. 12 Elementary Flying Training School for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, providing initial pilot training for aircrews using the Fleet Finch.[3]No. 12 EFTS opened on October 14, 1940 and closed on July 14, 1944.



1940 - 1945


Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol

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This image is in the public domain in Canada. Credit to the collection of the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol.