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Railway master mechanic (microform) (1895) (14780551593)


Railway master mechanic (microform) (1895) (14780551593)



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Title: Railway master mechanic (microform)
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Subjects: Railroads Railroads
Publisher: New York : (Simmons-Boardman Pub. Corp.)
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AIR BRAKE INSTRUCTION CAR-N. Y.. N. H. & H. RY. Looking Towards Boiler. Instruction Room; io6 RAILWAY MASTER MECHANIC. August, 1898. quite noticeable. Wherever possible the piping hasbeen placed between the sills underneath the floor,but convenient floor plates make it possible to con-trol any portion of the piping without leaving theroom, and by the same means the main reservoircan be connected to the car train pipe to take air scats and valve gear cylinders and piston tod and valvestem packing, are affected by high steam pressures.There stems to be no question but that higher steampressures mean increased wear of the valves and aand possibly of the link motion, due to the drag ofvalves even as well-balanced as the ordinary slide valvemay be. This is of course directly due to the pressure.
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AIR BRAKE INSTRUCTION CAR—N. Y..from stationary plant or from a locomotive if forany reason the boiler car.not be used. The car is mounted on six-wheel trucks, and theplatforms have trap doors over the steps and gatessimilar to those on an observation platform. Its totallength is 01 ft. 5 in., width 9 ft. 6 in., and it weighs120,000 pounds. The photographs and drawings arefurnished through the courtesy of Mr. John Henney,superintendent of motive power: and for our de-scriptive notes we are indebted to Mr. W. G. Cory,chief draftsman. HIGH STEAM PRESSURE FOR LOCOMOTIVES. In our last issue we gave the report of the commit-tee reporting to the Master Mechanics Association onthe subject of the Efficiency of High Ster.rn Pressuresfor Locomotive Boilers. There were several appen-dices to this report written by individual members ofthe committee, two of which we now give, as follows:INCREASE OF PRESSURE and cost of locomotiveRErAIRS. By Tracy Lyon. One of the prime difficulties in arriving





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railway master mechanic 1895
railway master mechanic 1895