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Punch (1841) (14802736013) - Public domain book illustration


Punch (1841) (14802736013) - Public domain book illustration



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Title: Punch
Year: 1841 (1840s)
Authors: Lemon, Mark, 1809-1870 Mayhew, Henry, 1812-1887 Taylor, Tom, 1817-1880 Brooks, Shirley, 1816-1874 Burnand, F. C. (Francis Cowley), 1836-1917 Seaman, Owen, 1861-1936
Subjects: English wit and humor English wit and humor, Pictorial
Publisher: (London) : (Punch Publications Ltd., etc.)
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
Digitizing Sponsor: The Institute of Museum and Library Services through an Indiana State Library LSTA Grant

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elled to make some morning calls. The prospect of such torture must deter young men from mar-riage; and on this account alone, if for no other reason, it is much tobe desired that the custom be discountenanced. Husbands should besuffered to make their calls by deputy ; or lay figures should be drapediu the costume of dummy husbands, and should be discovered sitting inthe carriage, when the ladies leave their cards. The husband thuswould get the credit of having made the call, and his duty to Societywould be thoroughly discharged. If the people upon whom the call ismade are found at home, the lady on her entrance might explain thather dear Charles has a sudden twinge of tooth-ache, and dare notleave the carriage for fear of the cold air. Some such device as thismust surely be adopted and be sanctioned by Society; or else husbandsmust insist that a proviso be inserted in their deed of marriage settle-ment, exempting them expressly, while they are under wedlock, frommaking morning calls.
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THE BOYS OF PASSAMAQUODDY. Here we are—a host Of the Fenian body,Gathered on thy eoast, Bay of Passamaquoddy!Boys that Glory calls, Heroes of a million;Looking out for squalls, Under Doran Killian. If New Brunswick cries No Confederation!With her sons we 11 rise, In a botheration.Should the Fishery fix Issue in hot water;With the Yankees mix, And the British slaughter. Britains foes we 11 aid, At the call of Glory :Bat we wont invade British territory.Lest we, and the Chief Of our numerous body ;Go from thee to grief, Bay of Passamaquoddy! A Free Translation. Victor Hugo, in his new book, Les Travailleurs de la Mer, mentionsa Scotch instrument of torture called le bagpipe. What a dreadfulname to give it, to be sure ! Imagine a Scotch gentleman sitting inhis buggy, and playing on his bug-pipe ! Perhaps some foreign writernext may make us think of fleas by a mention of le hoppy cleide. YES, WHY NOT ? Dear Mr. Gladstone, Here is a proposal which I advise you to incorporate withyour Bud





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