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Protest meeting at Beresford Place, and the arrest of Count Plunkett

Protest meeting at Beresford Place, and the arrest of Count Plunkett



Taken from the back of the crowd protesting at the arrest of Count Plunkett in 1917. The cataloguer was not from Dublin as the catalogue states "Butt bridge prominent in view", when - as sharon.corbet ( /photos/129555378@N07/ ) points out - Loopline Bridge is more prominent...With thanks especially today to Niall McAuley ( /photos/gnmcauley/ ) and beachcomberaustralia ( /photos/beachcomberaustralia/ ) for confirming the context for this Keogh shot, and DannyM8 ( /photos/79549245@N06/ ) and O Mac ( /photos/91549360@N03/ ) for additional contemporary accounts, we have confirmation of location, subject, date and even time of the image. Specifically, it was taken in the evening (19:30 according to the Custom House clock) of 10 June 1917, at an "unlawful" gathering involving Cathal Brugha and George Nobel (Count) Plunkett who were protesting the treatment of detainees following the previous year's Easter Rising. The latter was arrested, and one of the escorting Dublin Metropolitan Police officers (Inspector John Mills of Co Westmeath) was struck by someone in the crowd - and later died....Photographer: Brendan Keogh..Collection: Keogh Photographic Collection ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Collection/vtls000029624 ) ..Date: 1917..NLI Ref: Ke 177 ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000030691 ) ..You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at catalogue.nli.ie ( http://catalogue.nli.ie )



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