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Proceedings of the annual convention (1953) (14761422582)


Proceedings of the annual convention (1953) (14761422582)



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Title: Proceedings of the annual convention
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: American Railway Engineering Association
Subjects: Railroads
Publisher: Chicago, American Railway Engineering Association
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Fig. 6—Equipment for measuring torque on vane auger. Roadway and Ballast 1123 600 400 < 200 ^ o r\ F/e^. 9//. 4 /y 1 , ■v. 5-c^ / RzfTn o 1 cfe^/. . —0— \ 0 /O 20 30 40 (o) SO 60O ^ 400 7 V 200 -J E/ev. 909.9 f/- v_ C/yJcT^/s/cy^l, e^ 1 1 / 1/ 1 Pen,o/<::/ec/ /o 20 30 40 SO (b) Fig. 7—Vane auger test results. 1124 Roadway and Ballast
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be >. Jo Ci kj v«, kh 5:^ ^ t: ^ s; <t ■^ Roadway and Ballast 112S could not be attained even by these measures. Therefore, the studies have provided theinformation for a satisfactory economic study regarding the desirability of filling thevalley or of replacing the existing facilities with a larger bridge or trestle. BISMARCK BRIDGE APPROACH The Bismarck bridge on the Northern Pacific Railway was constructed between1880 and 1882. On the east side of the river, steep bluffs of the Fort Union formationapproach the water. Fig. 9, but on the west side is a long approach fill extending acrossthe bottomlands of the Missouri. Almost as soon as the bridge was completed a crackwas observed near the crest of the bluffs at a distance of about 500 ft from the firstriver pier. Sliding of the material between the crack and the pier began shortly thereafterand continued with few intermissions until 1951.





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proceedings of the annual convention 1953
proceedings of the annual convention 1953