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Print, book, book-illustration (BM 1992,0406.369 3)


Print, book, book-illustration (BM 1992,0406.369 3)



Taylor, Tom. Ballads and songs of Brittany. Translated from the "Barsaz-Breiz" of Vicomte Hersart de la Villemarqué, with some of the original melodies harmonized by Mrs. Tom Taylor ; with illustrations by J. Tissot [i.e James Tissot], J. E. Millais, R.A. i.e. John Everrett Millais], J. Tenniel [i.e John Tenniel[, C. Keene [i.e. Charles Keene], E. Corbould [i.e. Edward Corbould], and H. K Browne [i.e. Hablot Knight Browne]. London and Cambridge: Macmillan and Co., 1865. London: Bradbury and Evans, printers, Whitefriars. xxiii, 239p. The frontispiece and title page engravings are after James Tissot, and is engraved by Charles Henry Jeens. The illustration on page 64 is after Millais, accompanying the poem ‘The plague of Elliant’. Robin de Beaumont’s notes regarding the price of this copy are on the front endpaper verso and on the recto of the frontispiece. The bookplate of Robin de Beaumont is on the upper pastedown.
Binding: Green endpapers and pastedowns. Binder’s ticket on lower pastedowns: “/ Bound by/ Burn/ 37 & 38 Kirby St./” [Ball no. 20A.] Brown sand-grain cloth. Each cover has three fillets blocked on its borders, in blind on the lower and in gold on the upper. On the upper cover the central medallion is formed by three gold fillets. Within it, The figure of Lord Nann on his horse is blocked in gold. This is derived from Edward Corbould’s illustration on page 9. The spine is blocked in gold. Three fillets are blocked in gold across the spine at the head and at the tail. At the head and at the tail, the words: “/ Ballads/ and/ Songs/ of/ Brittany/ Tom Taylor/ Macmillan & co./2 are blocked in gold.





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