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Possibly Charles John Henry Williamson (standing) #1851 - WW1

Possibly Charles John Henry Williamson (standing) #1851 - WW1



I am trying to sort out a group of photos attached to Charles Williamson #4240..Charles had 6 children upon enlistment including the eldest son born in 1897 named Charles John Henry Williamson who I think is the young lad in this photo and the one who wrote to his father on the reverse. He too enlisted in the army, as an 18 year old in 1915, several months before his father..He was wounded in action twice and then became a Prisoner of War in Limburg, Germany in 1917. He returned to Australia in 1919.



1914 - 1919


Kaye, (Aussie~mobs), a "passionate collector and preserver of vintage photographs, especially those taken in Australia."

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