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Porträtt. Alf Wallander, 1862-1914, konsthantverkare och formgivare - Nordiska Museet - NMA.0045159


Porträtt. Alf Wallander, 1862-1914, konsthantverkare och formgivare - Nordiska Museet - NMA.0045159



Depicted person: Alf Wallander, FORMGIVARE

Svenska: Porträtt. Alf Wallander, 1862-1914, konsthantverkare och formgivare.

At the Rörstrand Porslinsfabrik exhibition in April 1896, he had a breakthrough with his decorated porcelain pieces. Alongside Gunnar G:son Wennerberg at Gustavsberg, he was the dominant artist in Swedish Art Nouveau for the next ten years. He was appointed artistic director at Rörstrand in 1900 and between 1907 and 1911 he was also active at Kosta Glassworks. From 1910 until his death, he was also curator of the Swedish General Art Association and from 1908 he was a teacher of freehand drawing at the Technical School in Stockholm. Together with his wife, he exhibited at Konstnärshuset in 1910 and at Sveriges allmänna konstförening in 1914, and with Oscar Björck, Bruno Liljefors and Prince Eugen at Blanch's art salon in Stockholm in 1891. He participated in the Royal Swedish Academy's exhibition in 1885 and exhibitions organized by Norrlands konstförening in Sundsvall and Söderhamn, as well as the Konstnärsförbund's exhibitions in Gothenburg, Chicago, Munich, Berlin, Malmö and Paris. He was represented at the Rörstrand exhibition in Stockholm in 1896, the Stockholm exhibitions in 1897 and 1909, the Graphic Society's exhibitions at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in 1911-1912 and the Baltic exhibition in Malmö in 1914. A memorial exhibition of his work was shown by the Swedish General Art Society in Stockholm in 1915 and in Gothenburg in 1916. His designs include Lilies (tableware and coffeeware decorated with irises, from 1897), Dragonflies (coffeeware from 1908) and Butterfly (tableware from 1908) for Rörstrand. His art consists of flower still lifes, still lifes, portraits and landscapes in oil or pastel. He also worked on silver objects, book bindings, vignettes, book covers, wallpapers, tapestries and a number of drawings for various pieces of furniture. Wallander is represented at the Gothenburg Museum of Art, Hallwylska Museum, National Museum, Minneapolis Museum, Nordic Museum, Thielska Gallery, Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde, Norrköping Art Museum, Uppsala University Library, Louvre Abu Dhabi and Behn-Haus in Lübeck. Wallander was married to his cousin, the artist Gerda Wallander, and father of the architect Sven Wallander. The family is buried in Solna cemetery.







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