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Portrait of Ladislaus Hengelmuller

Portrait of Ladislaus Hengelmuller



Baron Ladislaus Hengelmuller de Hengervar (also Laszlo Hengelmuller von Hengervar), (1845-1917) was a longterm Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to the United States, stretching through multiple Presidential administrations including those of William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft...1304 18th Street, NW..Ca.1900

In 1944 the D.C. Public Library purchased over 1800 lanternslides and glass plate negatives from E.B. Thompson for $1,000. Mr. Thompson was a photographer who in 1904 opened a store that sold “steropticon supplies, cameras, lantern slides,” and other photographic equipment at 1343 F St., NW. His camera shop moved numerous times in forty years, ending up finally at 1744 Columbia Road, N.W. In 1944, his business letterhead advertised his store as selling “Sound and Silent Motion Pictures and Slides”.He offered to sell his collection of images of Washington, DC to the DC Public Library as he prepared to retire from full time work after a long illness in 1944. Starting in 1946 the DC Public Library contracted with the Library of Congress to create 8x10 black and white prints on mounts from his collection of slides and negatives. The prints are now part of the Washington, DC Historical Image Collection in the Washingtoniana Division. The collection’s strengths are in its images of federal buildings, the Arlington National Cemetery, federal memorials, national parades, historic houses, and street scenes.





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