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Portrait of a Lady in black dress


Portrait of a Lady in black dress



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Charles Thurston Thompson was a British photographer who was born in 1816 and died in 1868. He is best known for his work as a portrait photographer, and his images of notable figures from the Victorian era are still highly regarded today. Thompson began his career as a painter, but soon turned to photography, which was becoming increasingly popular in the mid-19th century. He opened his own studio in London in 1846 and quickly gained a reputation for his skill as a portraitist. Thompson's portraits were highly detailed and carefully composed, and he was renowned for his ability to capture the personality of his subjects. He photographed many prominent figures of the day, including Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens and Florence Nightingale. Thompson was also an innovator in the field of photography. He developed a new technique for making photographic prints on glass, which he called 'crystalotypes'. These prints were highly detailed and had a distinctive three-dimensional quality. Despite his success as a photographer, Thompson struggled financially throughout his career. He died in poverty in 1868, but his legacy as one of the most talented portrait photographers of the Victorian era lives on.





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