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Portrait gallery of eminent men and women of Europe and America. With biographies (1872) (14580239218)


Portrait gallery of eminent men and women of Europe and America. With biographies (1872) (14580239218)



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Title: Portrait gallery of eminent men and women of Europe and America. With biographies
Year: 1872 (1870s)
Authors: Duyckinck, Evert A. (Evert Augustus), 1816-1878
Subjects: Biography, Portraits Biography Portraits
Publisher: New York : Johnson, Fry and company
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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n the neighborhood of Spezzia for ashort time, till an attack of sicknessafforded a convenient excuse for hisretui-n to his old home. The isolation at Caprera, how-ever, was again broken, when, in theautumn of 1870, Garibaldi, at the callof the provisional government of theFrench republic, crossed the frontierto take up arms with the defend-ers of the country, in their self-sacrifi-cing but hopeless contest with Ger-many, after the fall of Naj^oleon atSedan. He was invested with thecommand of the irregular forces inthe Vosges, having also under him abrigade of the Garde Mobile. Butpartisan warfare, however daring,could not long withstand the sys-tematic crushing movements of theoverpowering German forces, andbefore the war was ended. Garibaldiabandoned the now hopeless cause,and returned again to his island home.Previously to entering ujDon this for-eign service, he published a work, theEnglish translation of which is enti-tled The Rule of the Monk; or,Rome in the Nineteenth Centu-ry.
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^ FRANCES ANNE KEMBLE. FRANCES ANNE KEMBLE,daughter of Charles Keinbleand Maria Theresa Decamp, was bornin England in the year 1811. In thebiographical account of John PhilipKemble and of Mrs. Siddons, we havetraced the career of this distinaruishedfamily for several generations. Afterthe retirement of these its two mostillustrious members, Charles Kembleremained upon the stage to repiesentthe genius of the race. His wife, like the wife of Garrick,came to England a dancer from Vienna,and both before and after her marriagewas universally admired as a charmingactress in light comedy. She retiied from the stage in 1819,to re-ajjpear after a lapse of tenyears for a single night, on an occa-sion of particular interest. Thiswas the 5th of October, 1829,when her daughter Frances, or as shewas then called, Fanny Kemble, whohad been educated at a French con-vent, and already had exhibited extra-ordinary literary talent, entered uponher brief but brilliant theatrical ca-reer in the character of





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