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Wilbrode Nicolas Magloire Courbe - Portrait de Claude Jean Antoine Marquis d'Ambly


Wilbrode Nicolas Magloire Courbe - Portrait de Claude Jean Antoine Marquis d'Ambly



Collection des portraits des deputés a l'Assemblée nationale de 1789 (Group title)
Provient d'une collection de portrait de MM. les députés à l'Assemblée Nationale de 1789, éditée par Dejabin, gravés par plusieurs artistes, numérotés de 1 à 819.
Tampon - Recto: "VILLE / DE / PARIS"

Jean-Michel Moreau was a French artist who was born in Paris in 1741 and died there in 1814. He was known for his work as an illustrator and engraver, and was particularly adept at creating images that captured the essence of life in 18th century France. Moreau's illustrations and engravings were highly sought after during his lifetime and continue to be admired today for their beauty, detail and historical significance. His work appeared in a wide range of publications, including books, magazines and newspapers, and he was particularly renowned for his depictions of the French court, aristocracy and bourgeoisie. One of Moreau's most famous works is a series of illustrations called 'Les Incroyables et les Merveilleuses', which depicted the fashionable men and women of Paris during the French Revolution. These images captured the extravagant clothes, hairstyles and accessories that were popular at the time and remain an important visual record of this turbulent period in French history. Moreau's other notable works include illustrations for the works of Voltaire, Molière and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as well as engravings of classical mythology and scenes from everyday life. His skill as an artist was widely recognised during his lifetime and he was a member of several prestigious artistic societies, including the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris.





Musée Carnavalet - Histoire de Paris

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wilbrode nicolas magloire courbe
wilbrode nicolas magloire courbe