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Pore lil Mose; his letters to his mammy

Pore lil Mose; his letters to his mammy



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Comic cartoons from the New York herald of 1901-02.

Pore Lil Mose His Letters to His Mammy, Comic cartoons from the New York Herald of 1901-02, was created by Richard F. Outcault, the highly acclaimed cartoonist behind The Yellow Kid (widely tho incorrectly believed to be the first comic strip) and Buster Brown (which Buster Brown Shoes were named after). This strip, a satire of rural black America, was done by R.F. Outcault after the Yellow Kid but before Buster Brown, published in the New York Herald. Pore Lil Mose was Outcault's third-most prominent book that featured the first black title character in comics and one may say it is embarrassing by the modern standard. Mose was depicted as a pure stereotype, with big, white eyes and big, white teeth grinning out of his face. He wasn't colored solid black only because it was printed in color. But if you look deeper, you may see a warm, loving, intelligent, morally upright character.





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