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Polittico di Paolo Veneziano (1)



central panel: The Coronation of the Virgin
2x4 Scenes from the life of Christ at the sides:

On the left are 'Adoration of the Magi', 'Baptism of Jesus Christ', 'Last Supper' and 'The Prayer in the Garden and the Arrest of Christ'; on the right are 'The Journey to Calvary', 'The Crucifixion', 'The Resurrection, the encounter with Mary Magdalene and 'The Ascension'.In the Crowning are Scenes from the life of Saint Francis and other Saints, from left: Pentecost, St John, St. Clare taking her veil, St. Francis, St. Francis leaving bis clothes to his father; in the upper crowning are the prophets Elija and Daniel Italiano: Gallerie dell'Accademia - MIBAC

This is a photo of a monument which is part of cultural heritage of Italy. This monument participates in the contest Wiki Loves Monuments Italia 2014. See authorisations. (wiki-ID: 0270422853-MIBAC)

Further authorizations required by the Italian "Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape" (Codice Urbani), under Legislative Decree No. 42, dated January 22, 2004, and its subsequent amendments, regarding the reuse of the picture.This image reproduces a property belonging to the Italian cultural heritage as entrusted to the Italian government. Such images are regulated by Articles 106 et seq. of the Italian Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape under Legislative Decree No. 42, dated January 22, 2004, and its subsequent amendments. These regulations, unrelated to copyright regulations, establish a system for the protection of Italy’s historic and artistic heritage and its standards of dignity. Among other things, these regulations provide for the payment of a concession fee by those who intend to benefit economically from reproductions of property belonging to the Italian cultural heritage. Reproduction of this image is permitted for personal use or study. A further authorization by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture is required for reproduction for any other purpose, and particularly for commercial use. Such commercial use includes, but is not limited to, use in (a) any form of advertising, and (b) any company name, logo, trademark, image, activity, or product.





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