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Pima Indian woman, Etta Morgan, basket maker, ca.1900 (CHS-3641)


Pima Indian woman, Etta Morgan, basket maker, ca.1900 (CHS-3641)



Pima Indian woman, Etta Morgan, basket maker, ca.1900
Photograph of a Pima Indian woman, Etta Morgan, basket maker, ca.1900. She is sitting on the ground outside with her back against a small pile of adobe bricks holding a small partially completed basket on her lap. Another shallow basket in front of her holds some of her basket-making material. A small bowl sits beside it. The bundle of dried dark fibers in the lower right basket are from the plant Proboscidea (Martyniaceae) parviflora or parviflora/hohokamiana, called 'double claw' or 'devil's claw,' indigenous to Arizona. Very strong, they provide the dark fibers for the design in the basket. She wears a long dotted dress. A hewn timber lays beside the pile of bricks. The desert is visible in the background.
Call number: CHS-3641
Photographer: Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946
Filename: CHS-3641
Coverage date: circa 1900
Part of collection: California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960
Format: glass plate negatives
Type: images
Part of subcollection: Title Insurance and Trust, and C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, 1860-1960
Repository name: USC Libraries Special Collections
Accession number: 3641
Microfiche number: 1-162-; 1-175-
Archival file: chs_Volume95/CHS-3641.tiff
Repository address: Doheny Memorial Library, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0189
Geographic subject (country): USA
Format (aacr2): 3 photographs : glass photonegative, photoprints, b&w ; 22 x 17 cm.
Rights: Digitally reproduced by the USC Digital Library; From the California Historical Society Collection at the University of Southern California
Subject (adlf): tribal areas
Project: USC
Repository email: [email protected]
Contributing entity: California Historical Society
Date created: circa 1900
Publisher (of the digital version): University of Southern California. Libraries
Format (aat): photographic prints; photographs
Geographic subject (state): Arizona
Legacy record ID: chs-m16251; USC-1-1-1-13956
Access conditions: Send requests to address or e-mail given. Phone (213) 821-2366; fax (213) 740-2343.
Subject (file heading): Indians -- Pima
Subject (lcsh): Indians of North America; Pima Indians; Basketry; Women
Subject: Pima Indians; Pima Indians -- Basketry





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