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Pictures in Tyrol and elsewhere (1869) (14789214483)


Pictures in Tyrol and elsewhere (1869) (14789214483)



Identifier: picturesintyrol00tuck (find matches)
Title: Pictures in Tyrol and elsewhere
Year: 1869 (1860s)
Authors: (Tuckett, Elizabeth) (from old catalog)
Publisher: London, Longmans, Green, and co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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redwine of the country, which it would be utterly impos-sible to drink except during the greatest heat of summer,when warmed and well sweetened, is very good, and servesas a capital luncheon with fresh bread, which we couldalmost always procure. From the high ridge on whichthe Wirthshaus stood, we had a glorious view of the plainwe had just crossed, little valleys, wooded hills, and distantmountains, with the soft powdering of yellow green overthe landscape, which comes when the first sunshine hastouched the boughs in spring. The long grass in thefields waved in the wind, with white and grey lights andshadows upon it, as the clouds passed across the sky, andin contrast to the golden beeches, each tiny leaf lookedblue and emerald through the glitter of its frost and dew.The divisions of these inland countries are alwaysstrange things to contemplate when Nature has not herselfarranged the boundaries, and thrown-up a great wall, likethe Pyrenees, or formed a natural moat like the Ehine.
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Mt3 C ruiYiplcttas el hie. C«W . MOUNTAINEERING IN AN OMNIBUS. 49 Here, at Melleek, one seemed to go up stairs into Bavaria,so sudden and steep was the ascent of the hill on thesummit of which the frontier was marked out. Austrialay below, secure in her possession as owner of the ground,while little Baiern appeared to have contented herselfwith a lodging au premier. But a half-hours drivedispelled our illusions. Valleys and hills once morestretched in broken undulations around us, and there wasnothing to tell us that we were now under the dominionof King Ludwig, except, indeed, a fresh collection offamily portraits in the inns on our route. We had become intimately acquainted with the Emperorand Empress in every possible attitude and costume, andcould tell at what particular date the Kaiser had begun toshave, when he married, and the different fashions of thebeautiful Kaiserins robes and jewels. It was pleasant tosee with what affection and loyalty the people everywheretreasured thes





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pictures in tyrol and elsewhere 1869
pictures in tyrol and elsewhere 1869