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Physical Laboratory (Lewis) 1896


Physical Laboratory (Lewis) 1896



Lehigh University's Physical Laboratory was built in 1895, but burned down on April 6, 1900. It was immediately rebuilt using the same foundations and is now known as Lewis Lab. Anyway, back then, it was said "this structure is built of stone, and is 235 feet long and four stories high. The ground floor is devoted to electrical work, and forms the Senior electrical laboratory. It contains a large dynamo room, with the engine, dynamos and motors, with all their appliances—battery, balance, calorimetric rooms and workshop. The eastern part of the story has been carefully arranged for delicate work. The use of iron has been avoided; the gas and steam main and pipes, radiators, etc., are all of brass. A hall, 200 feet long, can be darkened and used for long range work in testing lamps.Under this floor is the "cave," or even temperature room, completely enclosed with solid stone masonry. The upper stories contain the Junior electrical laboratory, the mechanical laboratory, the library and other rooms. on the third floor is a find large hall for holding examinations, lectures of other meetings, and the large physical lecture room is and the eastern end. The laboratories for heat and light are on the highest floor, and the tower rooms are set apart for meteorology." Edmund M. Hyde, The Lehigh University, a Historical Sketch, 1896.





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