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Penfield Elevators, East Elevator, Front Street, Penfield, Champaign County, IL

Penfield Elevators, East Elevator, Front Street, Penfield, Champaign County, IL



1986 Charles E. Peterson Prize, Honorable Mention
Significance: The East Elevator most likely was constructed in 1919 when the Penfield Grain and Coal Company acquired the property, though an elevator had occupied the site since 1893. The present elevator has a concrete foundation with bins built of crib construction. The cupola or headhouse is framed in 2x6 stud walls. From the outset, the elevator was sheathed with corrugated sheet metal to reduce the hazard from fire and to minimize maintenance. A single cylinder gasoline engine originally operated the leg, though the grain is now conveyed by an electric motor. About 1930 a shed was attached to the south side so that wagons of grain could be weighed from within. More recently, a new boot was installed to receive the grain, and the elevator continues to serve the community. Union Iron Works of Decatur, Illinois furnished the original machinery and probable served as contractor.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: FN-146
Survey number: HABS IL-1133-B
Building/structure dates: ca. 1919 Initial Construction
Building/structure dates: 1930 Subsequent Work



Historic American Buildings Survey, creator
Gifford Elevators
Garner, John S, faculty sponsor
University of Illinois, School of Architecture, sponsor
Rotheroe, Kevin C, delineator
Wydick, Susan E, delineator
Meier, Joseph D, delineator
Moore, Daniel K, delineator
Lambert, Michael A, delineator




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