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Paula Széchényi-Klinkosch - Black and White Portrait Photograph


Paula Széchényi-Klinkosch - Black and White Portrait Photograph



Countess Paula Széchényi née Klinkosch (1851, Vienna - 1901, Opatija)Deutsch: Gräfin Paula Széchényi, geborene Klinkosch (1851, Wien - 1901, Opatija).

Viktor Angerer was known for his portraits, landscapes and architectural photography. Angerer began his career as a photographer in the 1860s, working mainly in Vienna and the surrounding area. He quickly gained a reputation for his technical skill and artistic eye, and his work was shown in several international exhibitions. Angerer's portraits were particularly noteworthy, as he had a talent for capturing the personalities of his subjects. He photographed many prominent figures of his time, including members of the Austrian imperial family, politicians and artists. His landscape photographs often featured the Austrian Alps and other scenic locations. In addition to his commercial work, Angerer was also involved in the development of photographic technology. He invented a process for creating colour photographs using three separate exposures, a significant advance at the time. Viktor Angerer died in 1894, but his legacy as one of Austria's most important photographers lives on. His work is still celebrated today for its technical excellence and artistic vision.





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