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Pathan - A painting of a woman in a red dress


Pathan - A painting of a woman in a red dress



"A Rajput lady from Kutch," a watercolor by Rao Bahadur M. V. Dhurandhar, 1928; more watercolors from the set:
*"A working woman at Ajmere"*
*"ABengali lady"*
*"A Bhatia lady"*
*"A Bhil girl"*
*"A Bombay lady"*
*"A Borah lady, Surat"*
*"Born beside the sacred river"*
*"A Brahman lady"*
*"From Burmah"*
*"Cambay type"*
*"A dancer in Mirzapur"*
*"A dancer from Tanjore"*
*"A widow in the Deccan"*
*"A dyer girl, Ahmedabad"*
*"A fisherwoman, Sind"*
*"A fishwife of Bombay"*
*"A denizen of the Western Ghauts"*
*"A gipsy woman"*
*"A Gond woman"*
*"A glimpse at a door in Gujarat"*
*"A Gurkha's wife"*
*"A Jain nun"*
*"A lady from Jodhpur"*
*"In the happy valley of Kashmir"*
*"A Muslim artisan, Kathiawad"*
*"A Khoja lady, Bombay"*
*"A Mahar woman"*
*"A Marathi lady"*
*"A Memon lady walking"*
*"A lady from Mewar*
*"The milkmaid"*
*"A mill hand"*
*"A Mussulman lady"*
*"A Mussulman nautch-girl"*
*"A Mussulman weaver"*
*"A lady from Mysore"*
*"A Nagar beauty"*
*"A Naikin in Kanara"*
*"A Nair lady"*
*"Parsi fashion"*
*"A Pathan woman"*
*"A Pathare Prabhu lady"*
*"A Rajput lady, Kutch"* (shown above)
*"A Southern India type"*
*"A sweeper lady"*
*"A Toda woman in the Nilgiries"*
*"A lady of the United Provinces"*

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