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Out Of The Night No 17 Pp 18

Out Of The Night No 17 Pp 18



"The Professor and the Pixie" from Out Of The Night number 17, October 1954. After the superhero genre went into decline during the late 40s, publishers began experimenting with new genres, in this case combining horror and comedy. Much of the artwork in this story was swiped from EC Comics horror/suspense line, particularly Wally Wood's "Came The Dawn" (Shock SuspenStories number 9, June 1953).

The Golden Age of Comic Books was a period in the history of American comic books, generally thought of as lasting from the late 1930s until the late 1940s or early 1950s. During this time, modern comic books were first published and enjoyed a surge of popularity; the archetype of the superhero was created and defined; and many of the most famous superheroes debuted, among them Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel. The publishing of comic books became a major industry. The period also saw the emergence of the comic book as a mainstream art form, and the defining of the medium's artistic vocabulary and creative conventions by its first generation of writers, artists, and editors.





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