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Orange Railway Refreshment Room, 1947


Orange Railway Refreshment Room, 1947



Orange Railway Refreshment Room - interior showing staff behind counter.Dated: 16/07/1947.Digital ID: 17420_a014_a014000079 ( ) .Rights: ( ) ..We'd love to hear from you ( ) if you use our photos/documents...Many other photos in our collection are available to view and browse on our website using Photo Investigator ( ) .

We hold tens of thousands of archival photos from the late 19th Century to the present, capturing life in New South Wales in much of its richness and diversity. The original formats of these images vary widely, from glass plates and lantern slides to 35mm negatives, colour transparencies and prints. Our digitisation program aims to bring many of these ‘hidden’ images to light. Photos on our website Photo Investigator is the search tool on our website that gives you access to these images, including descriptive metadata. The application was designed in-house and links to our online catalogue, Archives Investigator. Can you help us? By uploading some of these images to Flickr we aim to highlight our photographic collection and hope that you might be able to join us in identifying unknown scenes, people and places by tagging and commenting on our photostream. What else can you do with our images? You can use our images for research and study purposes. We are also happy for you to use our photos on your blog or website - all we ask is that you cite (and link to) them using the Digital ID number that is listed in the image description. This ensures visitors can get back to the original source. We'd love to see any State Records items you feature on your blog so please email us and include a link to your post. If you wish to reproduce our images for other purposes please contact us. High res versions can also be purchased via Photo Investigator. About State Records New South Wales We are the NSW Government's archives and records management authority and ensure access to records which illuminate history, enrich the life of the community and support good and accountable government. We have a reading room at Kingswood in in Western Sydney which is open to the public from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturday. Closed Sundays and Public Holidays. Researchers and family historians frequently visit the repository to view and research these archives. We are also continually increasing online access to our archival collection with the addition of indexes on our website that allow you to search for the names of people and places found in our records. A family historian's delight!





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