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Official minutes (1898) (14759814696)


Official minutes (1898) (14759814696)



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Title: Official minutes ..
Year: 1797 (1790s)
Authors: Methodist Episcopal Church. Conferences. New England
Publisher: (Secretary of the Conference)
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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rch,Springfield, First Church, Urbana, and Walnut Hills. From the firsthe was popular with the people and successful in winning souls. In hisfirst charge he not only conducted a revival, hut gave inspiring leader-ship to t he local corps Of the Womens Temperance Crusade. At Spring-field he had remarkable success in revival work, and under his pastoratea splendid church was built. In this society there were 1G2 memberswhen his pastorate began, and alter three years he left it with a mem-bership Ol 579. His greatest revival was at Urbana. In thirteen weeksof meetings, conducted by liimself, 328 professed conversion and 254united with the church. From Urbana he was removed by Bishop Merrill at the end of a year and Stationed at, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. This action was the result ofa conviction OB the part Offthe bishop that Walnut Mills ottered a moreimportant field for so suceessful a minister. Mere his former achieve-ments as an evangelist and pastor were fully equalled, and his fame
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Memoirs. 87 spreading to Boston his transfer was secured by Bishop Foster in thespring of 1886 to the New England Conference, and he was stationed atTremont Street. At this church, during five years, he received more than600 on probation. Revival influence was almost continuous, and hisreputation as a successful minister spread throughout New England. His next appointment was to Brookline, where he remained threeyears, during which time one of the finest churches in the New EnglandConference had progressed so far towards completion that it was readyfor the plastering; .$90,000 had been raised and paid on this build-ing, and there had been two gracious revivals. His last pastorate wasat Trinity Church, Charlestown, where he died, after nearly four yearsof successful service, beloved by the people and lamented by all theMethodists of Boston. In addition to his work in the pastorate, he was actively identified withmany good causes; had long been secretary of the Board of Trustees ofBosto





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