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No. 15 Sky Harbour Class, November 11, 1941
No. 15 Sky Harbour Class, November 11, 1941
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Photographer: J. Gordon Henderson ( http://digital.huroncounty.ca/about-the-collection/j-gordon-henderson ) ..Description: .Black and white image of class 15 of No. 12 Elementary Flight Training School. There are three rows of men in uniform. The back and middle rows are standing and the front row is sitting or crouching in an airplane hanger with an airplane visible in the background. Back Row (left to right): McArthur W.G., Hebb W.S., Marshall M.G., Jones J.L.G., McRae D.W., Swanner R.F., Cubbage W.W., Moody J.R., Campbell J.E., McMillan P.A., Tubbe R.E., Grove R.M. Middle Row (left to right): Giles D.E., Breithaupt W.R., Rieger H.W., Lindsay W.D., Webb E.J., Compton A.M., Starr E.A., Hall G.L., Craigie J.E.D., Duck A.G., Speyer L.G., Kleiman H.F., Morfitt A.N., McIntyre F.J., Sgt. Elliot A.R. Front Row (left to right): Merrifield L.A., McCuaig R.F., Balcombe A.A., Carswell A.G., Knapp K.R., Cpl. Maxwell T.M., F/O Kanaga, F/O L.W. Thres, Cpl. Burston F.L., Harris E.C., McConachie G.C.W., Jorcan J.E., Merlin CP, Barr R.A., Lewington W.D., Johns G.E. There are 7 black and white photographs with different exposures (labelled a-g), 1 picture has had the top cut off and 2 negatives (labelled h and i). The photographs and negative were in a brown envelope with '905 Sky Harbour Nov 11/41' written in blue ink and '15' written in blue pencil. ..Object ID : A992.0003.024..View this item in the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol's collections database. ( http://digital.huroncounty.ca/objects/A992.0003.024/A992.0003.024h ) ..Order a higher-quality version of this item (fee applies). ( http://digital.huroncounty.ca/reproductions/order/A992.0003.024h )


1943 - 1944


Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol

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