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Nautchgirl 2 - Public domain  drawing


Nautchgirl 2 - Public domain drawing



"A pariah woman with a basket," attributed as a "print based on a watercolor by Lady Lawley, 1914"; more watercolors from the same series:
"A barber"*
"A betel-leaf and areca nut seller"*
"A Canarese water woman"*
"A Canarese woman"*
"A Canarese woman drawing water"*
"A Canarese woman grinding millet"*
"The car festival at the Hindu temple of Myliapore"*
"The cook at Government House, Madras"*
"A corn merchant"*
"The daughter of Meanjee Sait, a rich Muhammadan merchant"*
"A devil dancer of the toddy-drawer caste"*
"A dhurzi or tailor, a Muhammadan"*
"Early morning on the lake, Ootacamund, with the mist rising"*
"A Hindu dasi, or nautch girl"*
"A Hindu musician"*; *"A Hindu musician"* (2); *"A Hindu musician"* (3)
"A Hindu pariah beggar"*
"A Hindu probably of the bird-trapper tribe"*
"A Hindu woman"*
"A Khazi (Muhammadan magistrate)"*
"A learned ascetic"*
"A Mahratta Brahmin girl, probably from Tanjore"*
"A man belonging to one of the forest tribes of the Western Ghats"*
"A man belonging to the Toda tribe, Nilgiri Hills"*
"A Muhammadan boy"*
"A Muhammadan child of noble birth in a gold embroidered coat"*
"A Muhammadan girl"*
"A Muhammadan lady"*
"A Muhammadan officer of the Arab Guard of H. H. the Nizam of Hyderabad"*
"Muniswami, the Government House head butler"*
"An old pariah woman begging"*
"A pariah woman with a basket"* (shown above)
"A primitive water cart, Mysore"*
"A saddhu"*
"A slave girl in a rich Muhammadan family"*
"Syed Shah Fakhruddeen Suf, a Muhammadan munshi (he declared he taught Lord Roberts Hindustani, and still corresponds with him)"*
"A Tamil girl"*
"A Tamil pariah woman, one of the despised outcastes"*
"A tank in Mysore with Canarese women drawing water"*
"A tank in Mysore with the Maharajah's palace in the distance"*
"Thomas, Lady Lawley's personal peon or attendant"*
"A trooper of the Governor's bodyguard"*
"The vegetable market at Ootacamund"*
"A village scene in Kalbundipore, inhabited by Canarese"*
"A woman of the tribe of Indian gipsies known as Lumbadees"*

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