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Nature's allegories and poems (1903) (14761193104)


Nature's allegories and poems (1903) (14761193104)



Identifier: naturesallegorie00dunk (find matches)
Title: Nature's allegories and poems
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Dunkley, Maud
Subjects: Nature in literature
Publisher: New York, The Philosophic Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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e to cry, And the mists of earth to be riven? Twas the birth of the winds.—First issued the north. And the universe stood in awe,As with blustering breath emerged he forth With the whirlwinds thundering roar;And launched away on his boisterous path. Hilarious, exulting to soar. Twas the birth of the winds.— Next, the summer breeze fannedAnd breathed itself into night, 85 As warm and soft oer a southern land, It weltered in liquid light;Or, scorched with the heat of a tropicsand, Warmed the chill of the northern night. Twas the birth of the winds.— And when piercingly keen From the east a bitter blast blew.Creation shuddered, and sought to screen Itself, as the hurricane grew;For he withered all in their freshest green. As, a baneful blight, he flew. Twas the birth of the winds.— When from out of the west Wafted the zephyr breeze free.All earth rejoiced in its balmy rest. Its moist soft breath of the sea;Declaring the younger wind was the best As it floated oer town and lea. 86
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Cfje f cicle. THE ICICLE. She was a beautiful thing, clear ascrystal, pure and transparent as glass,graceful and fantastic in form, delicatelyand wonderfully fair in her glitteringloveliness and icy beauty. She hung suspended from the darkbough of a giant oak in the midst of asparkling feathery frost world, and shefar surpassed her fair sisters who clusteredin graceful groups and fantastic assort-ment from every branch and spray around. So at least thought the sunbeam, ashe wound his way through the overhang-ing boughs, and gradually crept closer tothe fair object of his admiration. They saw him coming, those ice maid-ens; watched him drawing nearer andnearer into their midst; and each did her 89 best to outshine her sisters and appearmost beautiful to his radiant eyes. She saw him; and as the light of hispresence fell athwart her, she flashedwith a thousand prisms in his sight. ^^0, crystal maiden, how fair, howbeautiful is your glittering resplendancy! The proud heart of the ice mai





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natures allegories and poems 1903
natures allegories and poems 1903