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[Musical treatises]

[Musical treatises]



[compiled by Johannes Franciscus Preottonus]. (statement of responsibility)
Title from: Census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada.
F. 47r: Venice; f. 155r: Piacenza.
Black and red square chant notation and black mensural notation.
Four or five line staves.
Original dark brown leather covers over pasteboard lined with two ff. of a twelfth c. ms. of Latin sermons.
The [13] leaves, 3rd sequence of foliation, are blank.
Contents from: Census of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada.
Purchase; Walter Toscanini; 1932. (acquisition)
Table of planets, in Italian (ff. [1-2]) -- Ratio paschalis, table for finding Easter, 1400-1931 (ff. [4r.-6v.]) -- De aureo numero versus (ff. [7r.-11r.]) -- Table of contents (ff. [11v.-13r.]) -- Lucidarium / Marchetus de Padua (ff. 1r.-47r.) -- De practica arte mensurabilis cantus / Johannes de Muris (ff. 47v.-56r.) -- De musica plana / Johannes de Garlandia (ff. 56r.-70v.) -- Regulae utiles in cantu plano (ff. 70r.-70v.) -- Mensurabilis cantus / Aegidius de Murino (ff. 70v.-79r.) -- Hec est manus Boetii (f. 80v.) -- De arte contrapuncti / Italian translation by Johannes Franciscus de Preotonibus, of Pavia (ff. 81r.-94v.) ; Uno breve compendio in l'arte del contrapuncto / Johannes de Anglia (ff. 94v.-95v.) -- Brevis summula de arte mensurabilis cantus (ff. 96r.-98r.) -- Nine Latin verses on the scale / Guido Aretinus (f. 98r.) -- Figurae notarum (ff. 98v.-100r.) -- Ratio Guidonis monachi with a Guidonian hand (ff. 100v.-102v.) -- Tractatus fratris Petri de Sancto Dionisio : Musica est scientia bene modulandi ... Explicit Ars cantus fratris Petri de Sancto Dionisio quam scripsit don Jo. Franc. Preottonus de Papia (ff. 102v.-109r.) -- Examples of music for three voices (ff. 109v.-110v.) -- De arte contrapuncti / Johannes de Muris (ff. 112r.-118v.) -- Examples of vocal music (ff. 119v.-128r.) -- La raxone e le questione de la lettera canzelarescha (ff. 128v.-133r.) -- Micrologus (ff. 138r.-155r.) ; Antiphonarium, incomplete (ff. 155v.-157v.) ; Epistola, incomplete (ff. 157v.-159r.) / Guido Aretinus -- Calmetta, 6 verses of a poem in Italian (f. 160r.) -- Rithimi / Guido Aretinus (ff. 165r.-172v.) -- Diuretic recipe in Italian (f. 187v.).

Cia Fornaroli,1888—1954, was an Italian dancer who studied at the La Scala Ballet School. She was prima ballerina at New York's Metropolitan Opera Ballet in 1910–1914. She was married to Dr. Walter Toscanini, 1898 - 1971, who was an Italian-American historian and ballet choreographer and a son of Arturo Toscanini, an Italian conductor and one of the most acclaimed musicians of the early 20th century. Arturo Toscanini was at various times the music director of La Scala in Milan, the New York Philharmonic and the first music director of the NBC Symphony Orchestra. After Cia Fornaroli death, her husband Walter Toscanini handed over their collection of dance memorabilia to the New York Public Library. NYPL Cia Fornaroli Collection represents Italian dance from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century. The collection includes the finest renaissance dance manuals, scores of books, letters, programs, hundreds of designs, photographs, lithographs, and ephemera.



Preottonus, Johannes Franciscus -- active 15th century
Muris, Johannes de -- approximately 1300-approximately 1350
Hothby, John -- approximately 1430-1487
Muris, Johannes de -- approximately 1300-approximately 1350


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