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Mulberry ring - growing fat on ill gotten gains

Mulberry ring - growing fat on ill gotten gains



A bulldog, dressed in the uniform of the New York City police department located on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, leans against a billboard, brandishing a billy club. The policeman is surrounded by signs which point to the corrupt ways of the "Mulberry Ring," labelled as "'The Finest Despots in the World.'"
Inscribed below image: Are we going to stand this much longer.
Inscribed within image: Always for financial "reasons" cash basis, no checks for the police.
Inscribed, left margin: Citizens "What are you going to do about it?"
Inscribed, right margin: Do the protectors, protect.
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Bequest and gift; Caroline and Erwin Swann; 1977; (DLC/PP-1977:215.234)
The cartoon was inspired by a feud that erupted between New York City police officials and the Reverend Charles Parkhurst. One Sunday in February 1892, Parkhurst gave a sermon from his Madison Square Presbyterian Church on the corruption and graft within the police department. He charged police officials with accepting money in turn for promotions, and demanding fees from saloons, prostitution houses, and pool halls, for protection from arrest. The sermon, later made public in The World, a New York newspaper, provoked outrage within the community.
Published in: The New York Gazette, April 17, 1892.
Exhibited: Corcoran Gallery of Art, "The Great Game of Politics," 1972; Cartoonists Guild, "The Art in Cartooning," 1975.





Nast, Thomas, 1840-1902, artist


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