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Ms 659 f.255 r. The Battle of Crecy in 1346

Ms 659 f.255 r. The Battle of Crecy in 1346



Ms 659 f.255 r. The Battle of Crecy in 1346

David Aubert was a French writer and translator who lived and worked in the late Middle Ages. He is best known for his translations of historical works from Latin into French, as well as for his own original works, which include chronicles, romances and poetry. Born in Brussels around 1420, Aubert worked throughout his life as a scribe and courtier for various noble families. He was also a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece, a prestigious chivalric order founded by the Duke of Burgundy. Aubert's most famous work is his translation of the Latin chronicle of Jean Froissart, a 14th century chronicler who wrote extensively about the Hundred Years' War between England and France. Aubert's translation, known as the Chroniques de France et de Bretagne, was completed in 1468 and became one of the most widely read historical works in late medieval France. In addition to his translations, Aubert also wrote several original works, including the Histoire du noble et vaillant chevalier Jason and the Livre des faits de Jacques de Lalaing, a biography of a famous Flemish knight. Aubert died in 1479, leaving a legacy as one of the most important writers and translators of his time. His works are still studied and appreciated by scholars and readers today.





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