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Motoring on The Mall

Motoring on The Mall



Mr Goff (bearded) driving with Colonel McGrath on The Mall in Waterford. This was the bare bones of information we originally had on this photo.....However, thanks to Bob Montgomery 2012 for his fantastic contribution that this photo was taken:."... on the Great 1,000 mile Irish Tour organized by the Irish Automobile Club (now the Royal Irish Automobile Club at Dawson Street, Dublin). The bearded gentlemen in the middle is Waterford businessman, motoring pioneer and Chairman of the Irish Automobile Club, William GD Goff on his Daimler motor car. Seated beside him with the wonderful facial hair is Col. McGrath, the first motorist in Wexford. To their right is RJ Mecredy (The Father of Motoring in Ireland). Mecredy and Goff were responsible for bring the Motor Tour to Ireland in 1901."..Date: Friday, 9 August 1901..NLI Ref.: P_WP_0344 ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/P_WP_0344 )

Images from our photo collections that show those magnificent men (and women) in their flying, choo choo-ing, and driving machines... Oh, and we've cheated, we're adding boats and ships, jaunting cars and carriages, trams too and bicycles - we're completely shameless. So, basically any form of transport - air, sea, land - with the exception of two human feet...



1900 - 1910




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