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Motets of the 17th century in score

Motets of the 17th century in score



Ms., 18th cent., said to be in the hand-writing of Thomas Pinto (1714-1783), whose autograph appears on p. 3, and containing 56, 2 to 4 part motets, etc., with and without continuo, by 24 composers.
Twenti-five compositions are drawn from Georgio Rolla's Teatro musicale de concerti ecclesiastici, Milano, 1654 (Eitner, Bibliograhie der musik-sammelwerke des XVI. und XVII. jahrhunderts, p. 947-48), 12 from G.B. Caifabri and Francesco Cavalotti's Scelta de'motetti, Parte prima, Roma, 1665 (Gaspari, Catalogo della biblioteca del Liceo musicale di Bologna, v. II, p. 352), and 18 from other sources.
The ms. is virtually complete transcript of the two anthologies mentioned above, only one composition from each having been omitted.
Composers represented are Orazio Benevoli, Ercole Bernabei, Antonio Bertali, G.G. Carissimi, Girolamo Casati (2), Francesco Colombano, Giuseppe Corsi (2), G.B. Crivelli (4), Geronimo Ferrari (3), Francesco Foggia (3), Bonifazio Graziani (2), G.F. Marcorelli (2), Biagio Marini (2), Tarquinio Merula (4), G.M. Pagliardi, G.A. Rigatti, Georgio Rolla (5), Giovanni Rovetta (3), G. F. Sances (2), Nicolo Stamegna (2), Bartolomeo Trabattone (4), G.B. Treviso (4), Francesto Turini, and Giovanni Vincenti.
Three compositions (p. 63, 104, and 119) are anonymous and unidentified.
From the Cummings collection.
LC copy imperfect: p. 1-2 wanting; p. 3-5 are unidentified fragments.
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