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Morven Farm, Outbuildings, Off of Route 20, Simeon, Albemarle County, VA

Morven Farm, Outbuildings, Off of Route 20, Simeon, Albemarle County, VA



This documentation was completed for a class at the University of Virginia & subsequently donated to the HABS collection.
Significance: The estate includes a main house, a claims house, a kitchen, a smokehouse, a cobbler's house and a caretaker's cottage. It also includes numerous barns, other outbuildings, and gardens. The main house, kitchen, smokehouse, and cobbler's house constitute a preserved nineteenth-century farm complex. The grouping of service buildings around the main house shows the hierarchical arrangement of farms of this era. The claim's house, also part of this grouping, is probably the oldest building on the site and was built around 1796.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: N956
Survey number: HABS VA-1378-A
Building/structure dates: after 1796 Initial Construction



Historic American Buildings Survey, creator
Short, William
Kluge, John
University of Virginia
Adams-Doolittle, J, field team
Armstrong, Hunt, field team
Branch, Nikole, field team
Drake, Andrea, field team
McCook, Lindsay, field team
Riddle, Kevin, field team
Sherman, Lucy, field team
Shuman, M, field team
Nelson, Louis, project manager
Price, Virginia Barrett, transmitter




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