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Miscellaneous papers (1896) (14779880272)


Miscellaneous papers (1896) (14779880272)



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Title: Miscellaneous papers
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Hertz, Heinrich, 1857-1894 Jones, Daniel Evan, b. 1863 Schott, George Adolphus, 1868- tr
Subjects: Electricity Physics
Publisher: London: Macmillan, New York, Macmillan and co.
Contributing Library: UCLA Library, Preservation Department
Digitizing Sponsor: University of California, Los Angeles

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Fig. 11, a and h.—Pole moving in a straight line, * nat. size. INDUCTION IN ROTATING SPHERES 113
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Fig. 11, c and d.— Pole moving in a straight line, f nat. size.M. P. I 114 INDUCTION IN ROTATING SPHERES II Thus in this case the equipotential lines have the sameform as the lines of flow. For very large velocities we have =JLfdxv = d-S- ft., , Y 27rjd£ 2irr(f~v2) o which formula is not applicable at infinity.See Fig. 11. The formulae here developed are illustrated by Fig. 11,pp. 112 and 113. The assumptions on which the diagramsare based are the following:— The plate is made of copper (thus tc= 227,000) and hasa thickness 2 mm. (thus k= 113,500). The distance of thepole from it is 30 mm. The values of ty marked give absolutemeasure when the strength of the pole is 13,700 mm-mgr-/sec.In Fig. 11, a and l, p. 112, the velocity of the pole is5 m/sec(a = 5000); here a represents the phenomenon whenself-induction is neglected, h when it is taken into account. Fig. 11 c represents the phenomenon for a velocity of100 m/sec, calculated by means of the formula for large valuesof





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