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Mildred Cowles - Public domain portrait print


Mildred Cowles - Public domain portrait print



Pin-up photo of Mildred Cowles for Yank, the Army Weekly, a weekly U.S. Army magazine fully staffed by enlisted men.

Yank, the Army Weekly magazine was a publication produced by the United States Army during World War II. The magazine was created in 1942 to provide entertainment and news to American soldiers serving overseas. It was distributed to soldiers in the European, African and Pacific theatres of war. Yank was unique in that it was written by soldiers for soldiers. The magazine featured articles on a wide range of topics, including sports, music, movies and current events. It also included cartoons, jokes and other forms of humour to help boost troop morale. One of the most popular features of Yank was its pin-up girls. These were photographs of attractive women that were included in the magazine to boost morale among the troops. The pin-up girls became an iconic symbol of the magazine and were often cut out and displayed in soldiers' barracks. Yank ceased publication in 1945 at the end of the Second World War. But its legacy lives on as a testament to the importance of providing soldiers with entertainment and news during wartime.





Yank, the Army Weekly

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